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Using Passenger Simulator
So we started AirTool and you want to start passenger simulator. Simply click on PaxSim button which is located on the left side of the window. If this option is greyed out, you will need to register first. To register you simply click on 'No account? register here' or go to and click on register.

You needs FSUIPC to use PaxSim
Download link:

I will explain what each item does (from the top)
Once you have registered, log in and then you will be able to start PaxSim. Once you click on PaxSim button, you will then notice a flight setup screen with a map on the right side.

Airline = Select the airline you're flying
Enable custom airline (tick box) = this will enable custom announcements that you have downloaded (more on that on another post)

Custom Airline = When you tick enable custom airline, this dropdown box will display all custom airline sounds you have installed

Flight Type = Select if this flight will be high altitude or low altitude flight (HA = 10,000ft LA = 800ft), these are cruise altitudes. You can adjust them in settings

Departure and Destination = Enter your departure and destination ICAOs. If we don't have these on our database, please let us know

Departure and destination time = Fill them out to match your departure time and approx. arrival time

Flight Number= Enter your flight number here

Cruise Alt = This is filled in automatically for you. You can adjust this in settings

Seatplan main deck = Here you need to select Manufacture and model of the aircraft. This will determine the seatplan you will be using in AirTool

Seatplan upper deck = This option is coming soon

Cabin Crew (tick box) = Enable cabin crew so that you wont need to attend your passengers (score earned will be lowered)

Auto Announcements = Option to toggle this will come soon

Boarding Audio = This is optional, as we can't include boarding audio due to copyright issue, you can manually add your audio here

Number of Pax = This number is randomly generated for you, but you can enter what ever number you want or press the random button. This will determine how many passengers you will have on your plane. This cannot accessed your max seats available for that specific seat plan.

Pax Load Speed = This is set in seconds. How long will it take for one passenger to board. I would recommend 1 second for this.

Press Done if you have all the text bellow pax setup glowing green. This will now load Passenger Simulator.

You will now get the PaxSim window. You now need to load passengers. Make sure you're on the ground and your parking brake is on (in msfs). You can now press board. You should now hear the ambient sound of people boarding. Once all passengers have boarded, a welcome message should play. You will not be able to continue to taxi.

Taxiing will trigger safety audio to play (if it's available on the server for that airline). Once you take off and reach cruising altitude, this will trigger Duty Free announcement as well as passenger need simulator. If you selected you wanted to use cabin crew, they will attend to any passenger that needs help. These seats will glow purple. If you didn't choose cabin crew, these seats will glow orange and you will need to click on it. When you click on the seat, on the right side of the window, you should see what that passenger wants. Select the need, then press continue. This will then give you the score for helping passenger.

Now lets skip to descending. Once you start lowering and you get below the cruise altitude, this will stop passenger simulator from triggering any events. An audio should play saying that the plane is now descending and that seatbelts needs to be fastened (if audio is available). Once you landed, you will get the taxi audio playing after around 30 seconds from the moment you touch down (if audio is available). When you come to a complete stop with parking brakes on, you will be able to deboard your passengers. This will also upload your score to your account. Your flight is now complete and you can close PaxSim.


-Double clicking on the map will display a huge map which can be dragged over to another screen
-Clicking on the three lines, will load up micro window which can be dragged around the screen
-If FSUIPC disconnects, you can manually connect it by pressing FILE>CONNECT
-Force update location in microwindow by double clicking on LOCATION text
-You can close paxsim while in flight but you will get only 50% of score
-If msfs crashes during your flight, don't close paxsim, simply reload msfs and continue flying. PaxSim will resume
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